Scholarships for PhD study in London

weitergeleitet vom Lehrstuhl Soziologie I der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Please can I draw your attention to the fully funded, tax-free scholarships (around £18k p.a. for up to 4 years) that we have for PhD study in the Department for Quantitative Social Science at the Institute of Education, University of London.

These scholarships are funded by our Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Doctoral Training Centre.

Applications are welcome from people with interests in either developing or applying quantitative methods in the social sciences, for example in economics, psychology, social policy, social statistics or sociology. The scholarships are open to students from any country worldwide, within or beyond the EU.

For details, see:

For details of the Department and potential supervisors, see:

Anyone interested in applying should contact Professor Lorraine Dearden
( as soon as possible. Please note that although the initial deadline of February 1st mentioned in the further details has passed, the effective deadline is February 27th.

I’d be very grateful for your help in circulating this information.

Regards, John Micklewright

John Micklewright
Professor of Economics and Social Statistics Head, Department of Quantitative Social Science Institute of Education University of London
20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL

tel: 020 7331 5107 fax: 020 7612 6880
web page:
downloadable papers:

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